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Don’t fight for your dreams, Chase!

This time, I want to share about “Dreams” written by Linsey Hewis Hasenbank. Here’s what she said :

“I used to think dreams just landed in your lap and unfolded effortlessly…that if they were meant to be, they’d justhappen. But the truth is, there’s a whole lot of wrestling that goes on behind the scenes of a big dream…wrestling with yourself {and all your fears}, wrestling with what others think {not everyone will approve}, wrestling with the world {full of obstacles and traps}, and wrestling with what we believe. {Can God really be trusted?}

I’m beginning to believe that the wrestling is as important as the dreaming…that how you fight for the dream is as life-changing as the dream itself. One thing’s for sure: chasing a dream can wear you out. That’s where I find myself today…absolutely exhasuted. But in some ways, worn out is just where I need to be in order to freely receive all that God has for me. Otherwise, I’m too fearful, distracted, “capable” and proud to acknowledge there’s a better way than my way.

How about you? What dream are you fighting for these days? Is there something stirring in your heart that you’re afraid to follow? Let me encourage you as you’ve encouraged me: GO FOR IT! Dream big and fight hard! You’re worth it!”